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This blog came out of from my experiences in Cosplaying on the UK Comic Con circuit, and attending other events related to the Doctor Who fandom. In November of 2015 I attended my first Comic Con at the Excel Centre in London, and whilst I enjoyed myself, I noticed something. All those people in Cosplay were having a heck of a better time than everyone else, and also, they were doing it together, as a group of friends. I don't mind saying that I was at a pretty low place in my life at the time, and it was that moment that set me on a path to enjoying things again, making friends and joining a community which has literally changed everything for me.

I set about putting together my first cosplay, something I thought might be "nicely inconspicuous", being a rather shy soul at heart (and also, when you are new to this thing, public transport in character can be quite a daunting experience, one you later completely get over I may add!) . I settled on the Seventh Doctor, the only thing marking him out as being a bit eccentric being the question mark jumper and umbrella. I decided to make it ready for MCM London Comic Con in May 2016.

I thought that if I met one or two people, it would make the day a success. I could not have predicted what happened next. Within 5 minutes I was being approached by other Doctor Who Cosplayers, eager to meet a new person and introduce me to others, who introduced me to still others, who invited me to a community meet up. Three years later, I am still attending cons with a close circle of friends which all stemmed from that day. My travels have taken me all over the UK and to Los Angeles, twice!

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic fan community. Cosplay has the power to change lives, and you don't have to be perfectly shaped, your Cosplay can be bought, or made, it can be ultra accurate or it can be your own spin on that character, above all, its about being kind to each other, and having fun!