Visual Studio 2012 Part 2: Crystal Reports

I have discovered (somewhat to my surprise) that there is currently no support from SAP for Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2012, and moreover that there is no date for its release yet. Incidentally, this lack of support also extends to Visual Studio 2010 installs with Crystal Reports for .NET on Windows 8.

There are workarounds however, and these are accurately described in this SAP Community thread: – including porting the 2010 controls to 2012 but without any .NET 4.5 support and the inability to create new reports within the IDE.

I have traditionally used Crystal inside applications and kept SSRS outside as a separate “Reporting Suite” for the applications I build. Also, I still find SSRS unwieldy when it comes to the creation of subreports. Since my main app contains a report with 3 subreports, it always seemed easier to do this in Crystal.

I’m now revising my opinion on this in the light of the above, and may seek to offer the entire reporting suite as SSRS reports using RDLC inside the app.

UPDATE: 25/09/12

SAP have now updated their product overview page ––2012-support-update

Support for VS 2012 will be made available in late Q4 2012 according to this and this service release will also add support for Windows 8.

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